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Mina - 30 April 11:59

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Niederhauser - 18 November 06:10

Sexual preferences are non racist. They're just preferences. It's non that they think 1 race for their preference is really improve than the other, just that ane really gets their hormones raging over the other. We pickout preferences for a lot of things nutrient, gulp, conditions, climate, etc. It doesn't meanvalue we think of someother i as BAD, it just agency that some don't hold everything they similar where ane particular thing does. That isn't racism at all.

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Wilber - 10 April 03:07

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Melani - 26 February 07:31

An interesting theory, I suppose. Except, GSDM people havegot been existence discriminated against long before we really had the rhetoric to draw our situations inadditionto identities. We've been oppressed, abused, too murdered before we HAD the labels that allow us to shape communities too utter about our experiences. Sooooo halt trying to blame US for the oppression we face because we found the words to verbalize about what we've been though, yeah?

Ernest - 13 February 03:40

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